This is an online platform for various forms of digital art practices. The website is curated to show works like films, videos, interactive works, internet art and short publications, from India and other Asian countries.

A website for artist Dayanita Singh. The design and the architecture of the website was created for easy access to information on her projects and texts including essays, articles and interviews.

Foveal Experiments

Foveal Experiments showcases experimental films and video from India and archive of Collectif Jeune Cinéma, an organisation based in Paris. A collaboration between Charu Maithani and Julia Gouin, the project exhibits a curated selection of video and films to be shown in Delhi and Paris as continuous and special screenings.

The website,, presents writing on modern and contemporary art in India. It is intended to fill in the lacuna caused by an absence of publishing in the arts, a lack of reprints and a shortage of institutional infrastructure to support knowledge in the domain of the arts.

Students Biennale – Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2014

The Students Biennale as part of The Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2014 is a unique curated event to showcase student artists from across India. Students Biennial is akin to contour maps of topography of Indian art colleges.  With the given curatorial configurations in the exhibition, one can read the varied art practices and gradients of institutional histories.

Of Games : Frameworks in Question

The exhibition, Of Games: Frameworks in question, juxtaposes art with games and gaming technologies including the old board games of India like Ganjifas, Parallel by Harun Farocki and video games like Osmos and Otomata. The selected works captured the image making process explored in both, games and art, and highlight the audience engagement while gaming.

Auditions: Sound Residency at Khoj

Sonic art has moved into an audio culture where musicians, composers, sound artists, scholars and listeners are attentive to sonic material, the act of listening and the creative possibilities open through sound recording, dissemination, transmission and playback.

Khoj Dus Tak

Khoj has been based in Khirki Extension for the last ten years, emphasising the process of engagement and exchange. Khoj’s community interaction has emerged out of an extended dialogical and personal synergy of artists and cultural practitioners with the community of Khirki.

The Augmented Square Mile

The Augmented Square Mile is a project that created a layer of information, images and text over one square mile around KHOJ, which can be seen and discovered, using augmented reality applications on smart phones.

Two Framed Statements

Two Framed Statements, was my exploration on the concept of space in a frame. As used in concrete poetry, I engaged text with the visuals.  Taking two statements, with a difference of only one word, I put them on different visuals of the same object, changing the meaning, context and perspective of both the visuals and the text.